Here’s an inexpensive iOS water app to help with hydration

WaterMinder is an iOS water app to track your hydration and receive notifications when you’re running behind.

It’s tough to argue a buck-99 in exchange for the exponential benefits of staying hydrated. We’ve been using WaterMinder for about two years and it totally rocks. It’s tailored to your activity level, body size, gender and activity level. It allows for custom sizes to accommodate whatever water bottle you’re using. We’ve found it works great in combination with our 40oz Hydro Flask® for only about two refills per day.

Some other features:

Stay healthy.

We all know that we need to drink plenty of water, but sometimes we forget. WaterMinder will help you keep track and remind you with friendly notifications to reach your daily goal!

Water Knowledge.

Read about why drinking water is so important: “5 reasons why you should drink water”


View history of your water intake. See which days you met your goal, and which you didn’t.


Schedule your reminders, create custom cups, specify units and more!


Cost: $1.99

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