This is definitely the best water bottle we’ve ever owned

Hydro Flask® Colors

The Hydro Flask® is hands down the coolest (pun intended) water bottle ever.

We’re pretty good about hydration around these parts but sometimes it’s tough to remember to refill the bottle. Enter the 40oz Hydroflask. It’s a giant. For most people, down two of these per day and you’ll feel like a badass by getting your appropriate water intake for the day.

Whatever temperature you prefer your water, this thing will keep it there for hours. Seriously, like, almost too cold to drink all day long. Although room temperature is going to absorb fastest it’s tough to argue with a big crisp sip of fresh water.

Hydro Flasks are available in a bunch of colors and sizes but the 40oz in black totally is the way to go.

[Pairs great with the WaterMinder iOS app.]

Rough price: $42