The best alarm clock for picky (designers)

The Best Alarm Clock - Sound Rise

Soundfreaq Sound Rise Wood & Taupe Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Alarm Clock with FM Radio and USB Charger

So it’s no joke, this guy isn’t cheap. 80 bucks for an alarm clock is a bit pricy even for us. But we’ve had one for about three months now and seriously, it really rocks.

Sound quality is decent; it’s crisp and clear but lacks low end, expectedly. Bluetooth connection is super solid and I’m able to stream from different levels of the house.

The design is absolutely gorgeous. It’s available in a black on black option, which seems like the obvious pick if you’re familiar with us at STUFFBOOM but man-oh-man, the wood grain and taupe just looks fantastic. Who knew an alarm clock could look so badass!?

Rough price: $79